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Hanukkah Pet Safety Tips

As we start this festive season, it is a great idea to remind ourselves about potential holiday hazards for our pets. Every time your normal household routine is disturbed, opportunities for injury or illness can arise.  Even straying too far from your pet’s normal diet can cause problems.  Holiday “complications” that we commonly deal with … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Thanksgiving – isn’t it just about everyone’s favorite food holiday?  Food, family, and fun – what can go wrong for our pets?  A lot, as it turns out.   Straying too far from your pet’s normal diet can cause problems.   Thanksgiving “complications” that we commonly deal with here at VMC range from the mild to the … Continue reading

Antifreeze Toxicity

When the cold weather returns antifreeze becomes a more common danger to our pets.   Pet owners need to take precautions against the life threatening toxic effects this chemical can have on our pets.  Prevention is key as death can occur in as little as 12 hours after ingestion.  Early recognition of exposure and prompt veterinary … Continue reading