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VMC’s Pain Management Team

Dr. Polly Fleckenstein

Dr. Polly Fleckenstein 

Dr. Michelle Burnett

Dr. Michelle Burnett

Both of VMC’s Pain Management Service veterinarians became officially Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioners through the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management in 2013. Certification was a rigorous process, and after many hours of pain management specific continuing education, internship, demonstration of competency in pain management related skills, case reports and a challenging certification exam, Dr. Polly Fleckenstein and Dr. Michelle Burnett accomplished their goal of certification. The skills and knowledge they gained through the process allow us to provide more pain free and quality time for our patients to spend with you, the pet owner.

Pain due to acute or chronic conditions can often be very challenging to identify and address since our pets are non-verbal. Chronic pain can become a disease process of its own, regardless of the initiating cause.  Most people do not think of pain as a disease process, but its effects are debilitating.

The very best time to intervene is early in the pain process, so please don’t “wait it out” if you believe your pet is in pain.  Sometimes pets hide their pain for some time, however, and we can certainly help your patient at almost any stage in their injury and/or disease situation. Some of the conditions that we have treated successfully are: chronic osteoarthritis, acute and chronic Intravertebral Disc Disease, cancer patients, degenerative myelopathy, and amputees, just to name a few.

The VMC Pain Management Team welcomes any questions you may have and looks forward to helping you and your pets!



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